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  When in 1947, immediately after the second world war, in an exhibition the first products of an awaking German industry should be shown in the britsh zone, the choice fell on Hannover - a coincidence. There were most huts which could be prepared for this purpose here simply.

Indeed there were food cards still -the became only a year later eliminated-, however, with an appropriate portion improvisation capability it managed nevertheless to show the visitors an intact world. It gave for example an alcoholic welcome drink that was allowed only on the exhibition ground - rationed - Wholes 1000 square meters stood the 40 companies for the disposal, in order to present their products. Next to the hanover Tradition-Skilled pelican and Geha also SIEMENS attempted with their first produktion after WWII to come onto hard currency.

There were hotel beds so well how not. Hanover was to 80 % destroyed and the living room was just. Quartering was at the agenda. The Hanover/Brunswick area had been furthermore one of the main run points for the fugitives from the east.

To the organizers of the Hanover fair 1947 was clear, that the sleep places would not suffice in the schools around the exhibition ground and so the Hanoverians were asked for "zusammenruecken" a resourcen-sharing even more further and opening their private accommodations for the fair visitors. The in the meantime well organized form of the "fair mums" who include their fair visitors lovedly and serve their fair visitors established itself with that. Meanwhile there are not only housewives which clear a room in the own apartment for their fair visitor anymore. Students sleep for the time of the fair with friends and rent their complete apartment. One and two family houses are financed through the fair visitors and are available completely or in part, and more and more complete apartments complement the professional offer of the hannoeverschen Hotelerie.

The fair visitor that books a private accommodation dips with that, into the world of his hosts other for it. He lives for the duration of his stay among the private ones (and intimate) Accessoires, among and with the style and taste of his hosts. Those of it - the foreigner - expect that he carefully and considerately deals with all the things which have a big value ultimately for the apartment holder.

We are troubled to combine both partners, and to last an offer which safeguards an accommodation to every Hanover-visitor in pleasant private atmosphere.


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